One of Devon's best kept secrets

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Has it ever struck you how most jewellers say so little about the jeweller? They tell you a lot about the jewellery, but precious little else. Perhaps the reason they tell you so little is because, in truth, there is very little to tell.

In contrast, Baldwin Jewellery stands apart from the crowd. Indeed, the fabulous story behind one of Devon’s best kept secrets comes as something of a wonderful surprise to all lovers of exquisitely designed and crafted fine jewellery. There are two reasons for this; father and son, John and James Baldwin. And it’s their particular story that says so much more about why they are so different.

“The older I get, the more I love it.”

John will never forget the first time he felt the sheer pleasure of seeing someone fall in love with one of his designs. It was London in the swinging ‘60s. A time of counterculture and creative expression. Even as he tells the story today his face creases into a broad smile as the memory floods back.

“It was magic,” he says, savouring the moment in every detail. “Pure magic,” he says again.

Now, if that sounds a bit wistful from a man who’s devoted his whole life to making magic, then think again. John understands that to love jewellery, you first have to love the people that wear it.

You see, his is a life spent designing dreams while making lifelong friends. “It’s so much more than service with a smile,” adds James. “Dad simply loves life and everything he’s created for our customers over the years celebrates that. We always say we’re in the business of making memories, and that’s as true today as it was when Dad started back in the 60s.”

Like father, like son

Considering the special pride he takes in his craft, it’s not surprising that John’s uninhibited dedication to what he believes in includes his son, James.

“My James is an incredible designer. He’s a pure craftsman in his own right. He’s taken where I’ve got to and moved it to the next level. He looks around the corner and embraces the future,” enthuses John, full of pride.

“I’m obsessed with every detail behind Baldwin jewellery,” says James. I even annoy myself sometimes with my need to leave no stone unturned, literally.” James personally approves every piece before he allows it to be sold. Like his father, he understands that every item of jewellery is as unique as the person who wears it.


Whether it’s their own Baldwin collections, or those they select to showcase, the ethos is exactly the same. Baldwin champion both traditional skills and innovative creativity with a passion.

When creating a new collection it’s crucial to them to make sure that every single piece feels special and fuels the excitement they have for gorgeous jewellery.


John and James find it impossible to separate the design from the craft when it comes to quality jewellery. Both innovative designers and highly skilled craftsmen, they take pride in their experience and expertise. “We don’t just sell our jewellery, we savour it,” explains James. “We marry the traditional skills with the very latest technology to get the best of both. It means we can take a customer’s idea and bring it to life on screen to share and discuss first by showing the intricacies of the design. Only when we are sure that they are delighted with the renders will we then proceed to shape the piece itself.”


In ‘The Gallery’ there is a selection of the varied and diverse items of jewellery Baldwin Jewellers has recently designed and created. Imaginative design, insightful knowledge, experience and skilled craftsmanship realises a rich array of exquisite jewellery. A wish for a star sign pendant became a disc of rose gold and diamonds in the night sky. That very personal idea to give a heart pendant formed from initials was transformed into a diamond and ruby jewel.

“We love working with our fantastic customers to bring their stories and dreams together into a very special piece of jewellery,” James adds. “It’s what it’s all about – that magic.” together we could craft your special piece of jewellery.


If you’d like to know more about a particular subject, why not have a read of our blog. It’s a great way of finding out more about jewellery and our way of working.


A strong sense of tradition is no better illustrated than in Baldwin’s end-to-end, hands-on service.

From the first introduction, or order, they believe their customers should enjoy a seamless personal, professional and friendly experience at all times.

“A great many of our customers return to us time after time, from all over the world, and many of them are second or third generation,” explains John. “We are so proud of our customer loyalty. In fact, we love it that we can call so many of our customers personal friends, but it doesn’t matter if they are a first time customer, or someone we’ve known for decades, to us, all of our customers receive the same dedicated service, every time.”