The Significance of a Three Stone Ring

The popularity of the three stone ring, whether that be as a choice for an engagement ring or an anniversary gift, has never really gone out of style and I think part of the reason for this is because a lot of people hold on to the romantic symbolism and significance behind it’s meaning.

Usually if the central stone is larger than the outer stones, this design is typically used as an engagement ring. It’s a beautiful twist on the classic solitare engagement ring and adds some extra sparkle and meaning. If the stones are all equal in size, this is generally more presented as an anniversary or special occasion gift.

Whether it be for an engagement, or anniversary gift, if you’re after a special ring to convey a deeper meaning to the both of you, a three stone ring could be the perfect choice.

The meaning behind a three stone ring really is rather beautiful and this is because it has the ability to tell the story of your journey together. You may have also heard three stone rings being referred to as trilogy or trinity rings.

Traditionally, the idea behind the three stones is that they represent the past, present and the future. Whether each diamond is the same size or if the central stone is bigger, they each represent your story together. The central diamond represents the present and will be larger than the other diamonds if selected as an engagement ring. Then, the stones set either side represent the past and the future.

Alternatively, some couples also regard the three stones to symbolise friendship, love and fidelity.

The beauty of a three stone ring is that it can really stand out from the crowd too and allow you to be more creative. Although choosing diamonds for all three stones is still very popular, you could also add a splash of colour and allow you to add even more meaning to the ring. Perhaps utilising one or both of your birthstones or other significant gemstones, maybe choosing a stone based on it being a favourite colour for example.

Simply put, if you’re after a special ring to convey a deeper meaning to the both of you, a three stone ring could be a perfect choice.

Unlike a solitare single stone ring, you’ve also got extra options for what cut of diamond to use. Instead of three round brilliant cuts, you could go for something a little different such as an oval cut central stone with two teardrop diamonds either side, like in the above example video featuring a stunning ring from our shop.

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Written by – Kate Wright